My Life Goal

I'm a single mom who's intent to make a difference in and with my life. There is never a real reason to quit so I always find the need to recover, step up and move forward.

I live, I learn, and I will always transform and roll out.

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Journey With Me

Life should never be stagnant. That being said; feel free to join me as I travel to different places during my different phases of growth while going through different levels of change.

After all, though my adventures are all very personal experiences, others can learn from them when shared willingly.

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Great Expectations

Expect to be introduced to all sorts of places, from the most popular to the virtually unheard of areas. Find practical pointers for voyagers and economical tips for travellers as you join me during my journeys. Most of all, find inspiration in my stories and life lessons in my experiences whether they are good or bad.

Feel free to enjoy my life's journeys.

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Transform and Roll Out...

These words come from the immortal Autobot leader Optimus Prime whom I adored from the very first time I watched the Transformers series on TV. Optimus would usually use these words as a call to action or as the final command after a major victory.

Life offers us any conflicts to face, successes to celebrate and tragedies to recover from. All these situations during your lifetime will require decisions, actions and change. Thing is, what you choose to do will affect the way you grow or improve in your lifetime. Me, I will always choose to transform and roll out no matter the outcome and circumstances that will happen in my life.

And the transformation from being a battered wife to full-time freelancer and literary creator will continue. My journey is far from over and I intend to make a difference in the lives I touch, along with the life I live.

Let's keep moving forward, shall we?


Share Your Own Journeys

If you need to ask questions about visiting the places I go to or trying out a specific advice I've suggested, just drop a line. I'll just be here ready and willing to help you out.